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TWTN Week #2:

TWTN Week #2:

Hey Techsters! Welcome to another article of the TWTN series, here are the 7 tech news of this explosive week:

Who hasn’t heard of pokemon go? That game that made some 15 million gamers walk for real for the first time in ages, that game that generated massive mobs of people rushing at a certain location to catch a wild Snorlax. Well, Niantinc labs has recently announced a 2nd season for the game with the addition of 100 new pokemons and 10 new levels just for the hardcore gamers. Personally I’m level 8 and I just can’t find a way to get to level 9…


SpaceX rocket falcon 9 exploded some 3 days ago in Cape Canaveral destroying Facebook’s 95 million dollar Internet.org satellite which was on  board. Mark Zuckerberg replied “As I’m here in Africa, I’m deeply disappointed to hear that SpaceX’s launch failure destroyed our satellite that would have provided connectivity to so many entrepreneurs and everyone else across the continent. Fortunately, we have developed other technologies like Aquila that will connect people as well. We remain committed to our mission of connecting everyone, and we will keep working until everyone has the opportunities this satellite would have provided.”


Twitter took PewDiePie’s verification down due to “suspect relations” with ISIS after he posted a tweet showing a selfie  with as background terrorists. No need to say it was a joke. Why did he do it though? Well long story short, he got mad that anyone could get the verification on twitter.


Samsung announced at the IFA 2016 the release of the Gear S3 which comes in 3 different models: The Classic, and the frontier which itself comes in two different versions, an LTE connected model and a Bluetooth connection only model.  The watch offers 1 gb of ram and 4gb of rom, has a 400mAh Li-ion batter and its screen is IP68 dust and water resistant. The smartwatch’s price in the US is an estimated 499$.


Instagram is launching a new feature called “zoom” which would allow you to zoom (creep)  in or out on people’s pictures and videos. It is a pretty self-explanatory feature and it means that you will no longer need to take a screenshot of the picture. Although ths new feature was released some das ago on iOS, the company said that it would be available to android users in the coming weeks. A lot of Instagram users welcomed this new feature.


Samsung suspended their brand new product, the Samsung galaxy s7, in more than 10 countries including the United States due to batteries that exploded or caught fire.  Dongjin Koh, the new president of Samsung Mobile Business confirmed that there is a problem with their batteries and apologized. The manufacturer is going to replace ” in the next weeks ” the smartphone for those who have already bought it.


Publicly announced on October 29, 2013, the project Ara was initially supposed to lead to the creation of an entirely modular smartphone. Under the supervision of Google, Ara was supposed to prevent people from polluting by throwing away their outdated phone. With the Ara phone you would have been able to replace any old or malfunctioning part of your smartphone. Sadly project Ara was abandoned two days ago (September 2nd) but the company said it could license the technology to any third party manufacturer.


That was it for this week! Hope you guys enjoyed it, as usual feel free to leave a like, comment and share!