TWTN Week #5:

TWTN Week #5:

Hey Techsters and welcome back to another “Top Weekly Tech News” for the 5th week (technically the 6th but oh well). Here we go:

A YouTube video was uploaded on many youtuber’s accounts entitle “hello” where a man wearing a trollface mask was smack talking about them. Among them were Slogoman, Ali-A and Vikkstar123. The youtubers then got their accounts back and all posted a video trying to understand what the hacker was saying. Some say it is a campaign for WatchDogs 2 while others believe they actually got hacked.

This the guy on the uploaded video.

Remember the story of the “hissing” iPhone 7 from week 4? No? Well some users have been reporting a hissing noise coming from their smartphones when using some heavy  apps such as video-games. Anyway, recently 2 iPhone 7 plus batteries blew up but without fire appearantly and their owners affirmed they hadn’t been harmed. I think there is now more than ever a competition between Samsung and Apple of who is going to create the most “explosive” phone. Badum tss.


Facebook has recently launched a new version of Messenger called “Messenger Lite”. The concept is simple it is Messenger but only takes 10 Mb of phone storage. It is kind of a companion app to Facebook lite launched in 2015. A feature that Messenger Lite doesn’t have is phone calls but they are looking forward to adding it. The new app is going to be available in  Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Venezuela.


BlackBerry will no longer be creating its new phones. The old Smartphone leader, BlackBerry announced on wednesday 28th it would stop manufacturing its phones. It would instead manufacture them in Indonesia. BlackBerry only represents 0.1% of the total smartphone market. BlackBerry only won 52 million dollars in 2015.


Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX recently announced its plans for the conquest of the red plannet. Pretty crazy right? According to him the price to establish a colony on mars with our current technology is around 10 billion dollars per person. He says he could bring the cost down to 200,000 dollars per person by making some crucial technological improvements such as re-usable rockets which  is what his company has been heavily focusing on. He and his company also announced that their rockets would use a Raptor engine which is different in the way that they would equip 42 of them on their rockets and even if they would lose some the mission would be able to continue safely.


A new virus appeared on Facebook a couple of days ago. A video link is sent to you (« »)  by a user and a pop-up appears telling you you need to download an extension named Eko to view the content. If/when you download it the program uses your account to send the exact same link to other friends. If your pc was infected it is recommended to delete the extensio, run a full scan with your antivirus and change your Facebook password.


Everybody seems to like compying snapchat. After Instagram and Facebook, WhatsApp decided that in its latest version it would allow users to take flashing screen selfies, add text on a grey background to them and emojis  and even  let you draw “whatsappsterpieces” (btw that’s not the actual name but it sounds good) on your picture. Pretty cool right?


Thanks for taking time to read this article, I hope you enjoyed it, if you did feel free (as usual) to share it, like it and subscribe! Stay cool and see you next time!





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