TWTN Week #4:

TWTN Week #4:

Hey guys, we’re back for the 4th week of TWTN, I am really sorry that I wasn’t able to post content last week, I had a a ton of work and I hope it won’t happen again. Anyway here are your 7 piece of news for this 4th week:

Yahoo was recently hacked by “state-sponsored” hackers. It all happened in 2014 and was recently discovered when a hacker tried to sell data from 200 million accounts. The stolen data includes, emails, names, encrypted passwords but no credit card information says Yahoo. Yahoo also recommends its users to change their passwords if it has not been done since 2014. I just realized that there have been a lot of hacking news recently…


Remember that piece of news from week 2 about the Samsung note 7’s problem? Well on flight from Singapore to Chennai passengers reported smoke coming from one of the hand luggages. And you have probably guessed It by now, it was indeed a note 7. Passengers said that it was “spitting sparks”. The phone as doused with an extinguisher and put in water until the plane landed. IndiGo (the company) reported damaged property but thankfully no one was injured.

Note that this is not the actual picture

The iPhone 7 came out just days ago and users have been reporting hissing sounds from the processor. Some say that they can hear the hissing sound when playing games. It is not the first time that a newly released iPhone has been critisised for some malfunction. Remember the bendgate problem on the iPhone 6? Anyway let’s hope that the problem doesn’t get as serious as the note 7’s.


Ever heard of the abandoned Google Glass project? Well, Snapchat has announced their brand new product: Spectacles. It would let you shoot first person videos and take pictures by a simple touch on the glasses. “The camera built into Snapchat’s “Spectacles” lets you shoot video that shows the world from your point of view. » On one side of the glasses you will have the camera and on the other a circle lighting up to let people know when you are taking snaps.


About the Samsung galaxy note s7, (Again? Yes let me explain), Samsung asked those who bought it to return it so they could replace it. A lot of people did the right thing. Others, well, they chose to keep their phones at their own risks. What did Samsung do? Well they recommended the users to charge their phones up to 80% maximum to reduce the chances of destruction.


Angry birds recently released a  1h37 long movie based on the video game. Just like Rovio (The company that released Angry Birds), fruit ninja is going to release a movie. “It’ll revolve around “a team of misfits who are recruited to become Fruit Ninjas in order to save the world.””. Fruit ninja is the second most downloaded game on the app store, positioned righ after candy crush saga and was downloaded over one billion times.


China has recently started using its brand new telescope, FAST or Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope, measuring 500 meters in diameter, “took five years and $180 million to build, has 4,450 11-meter-long (36-foot) panels that reflect interplanetary radio waves to the massive 30-ton retina suspended in the middle.” It will be used to survey the galaxy and detect any form of extraterrestrial life.




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