TWTN Week #3:

TWTN Week #3:

Hey techsters ! Here’s your weekly dose of geek with this week’s top tech news. Here we go !

The #1 piece of news this week is obviously the Apple event (Apple Keynote). A lot of people were impatient for it, including myself. The new products announced in the conference were: A second generation of the Apple watch, including a model in partnership with Nike, iOS 10 which includes many new features such as a new design for the maps App, a changed version of Siri and a new app, “Home kit” which would allow you to control your hardware from your smartphone. Speaking of which, two new iPhones have been announced: the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus. They are said to be much more powerful thanks to their new A10 chip. The iPhone 7 has 2 cameras both of 12mp which would allow a better zooming experience and along with a better quality of picture.


Nasa will launch its next mission in may 2018. It was initially supposed to launch in December 2015 but due to technical problems (a vacuum leak) the expedition was postponed. Why is it only going to launch in 2018? Well, in order for the trip to be shorter we have to wait until the planets align which happens to occur every 26 months. What is this mission about? Well the rover (InSight, or Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations Geodesy and Heat Transport) is supposed to drill a 5 meters deep whole in order to analyse Mars’s subsurface region. Did I forget to mention that this delay added a whole 135 million dollar to the 675 million dollar mission? No? Well now you know.


The Antonov 225 holds the record for the largest plane ever built and flown (it was flown for the first time in 1988). And only one has ever been built, at least to this day because China plans on building their own model.  The plane will be built in Kiev and delivered to China by 2021 for a whopping 500 million dollar. We don’t know what China plans on delivering with this colossus but to put into perspective how big the plane is, it once carried 216,000 meals to American troops in the Persian Gulf.


Two men  “Andre Otto Bogs” and  “Justin Gray Liverman” were members of a group who called themselves “Crackas With Attitude”  and were arrested for hacking into Email accounts of the CIA’s director, the chief of National Intelligence and many others.   Court documents revealed that the hackers tricked technical support staff into giving them email accounts. Among the tricks they used were posing as ISP technicians to get passwords reset.  It was announced that the two men are going to face justice next week.


India announced it would allow people to store their driver’s license and other official paperwork on their smartphones. All they would have to do is to download digilocker, an indian app launched earlier this year, and register with the service. The advantage that the virtual copy of the driver’s license would have over the paper version is that the verification would be faster.  The police also announced it would cooperate and recognize the documents. Though it is an original idea, Indians are not the only ones to do it. In the U.S, Iowa is encouraging people to use a virtual copy of their drivers license too.


The ps4 pro was just announced. It is the new over-powered gaming console that will allow you to play your games at much better frame rates with improved graphics going up to the 4k resolution. All the regular ps4 games will be compatible with the pro version and there will be no exclusive ps4 pro games as the regular and the new version are parts of the same “family”. It’s expected prices is 399$.


Earlier this week a norwegian author posted a photo of a naked girl fleing a napalm attack during the Vietnam  war. When Facebook banned the picture for nudity a debate sparked over the social media and its “abuse of power”. The tech giant “listened to the community” admitted it had made a mistake and unbanned that historically important photograph. The Norwegian prime minister also welcomed Facebook’s decision after it saw its picture removed then unbanned.


Hope you guys enjoyed! If you did, as usual feel free to share, leave a like and/or comment! and see you next time for Week #4!


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