TWTN Week #1:

TWTN Week #1:

Hey Techsters, welcome to the first article of the TWTN series, here are the 7 tech news of this week:

First of we begin with a discovery by MIT researchers at a company named SolidEnergy. These MIT researchers have found a way to create lithium batteries that have twice the capacity of the current ones for a reduced size. Rumour has it that our smart-gadgets (Phones and tablets) could be using them by 2017.  On the image down below you can see SolidEnergy’s battery on the far right.




If you don’t live under a rock, you have probably heard of the NSA  and how they got hacked last week by some people named the “Shadow Brokers”. Oh and as if that wasn’t enough they also leaked some of their files online. To top it off, they also announced  that if they were paid 1 million dollars worth of bitcoins  they would leak some other files.



Android Nougat recently came out, for those who don’t know what it is, it is basically the name of the new Android OS that a lot of  brands equip their phones with such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG. Among others, some of the new features of Android Nougat are : Multi-window which allows you to be running two apps at the same time and to switch between them easily, redesigned notification alerts, customizable quick settings and blocking phone numbers from contacting you.



Another hack that made the buzz this week was the Apple Hack. How did it all start? Well, a well-known tech journalist, Steven Petrow,  got hacked while he was working, mid-flight- on an article about the battle between Apple and the FBI. When the plane landed, our journalist got up to disembark and one of the passengers start reciting one of the emails he had gotten.



If you like astronomy and astrophysics you have probably heard of the recently discovered Earth like planet that is just 4 light-years away from us. Named “Proxima b”, this exoplanet is located in the Alpha Centauri triple star system. Although its temperatures resemble (at certain parts of the planet)  ours, it is tidally locked, which means that one side is always facing the star while the other is deprived from it. More info here.



Nanorobots could help cure the brain, you heard it right, and what’s even cooler is that they would be mind-controlled. A team of researchers published an article about their work in the Journal Plos One . Using a technique known as DNA orgami they injected billions of nanorobots into cockroaches. More info on DNA orgami here. The Study’s co—author Sachar Arnon said that the technology will have to be refined in order for this to be applied on human.



Six volunteers of the NASA who lived on the Mauna Loa island in Hawaii under a dome returned to the “real world” after having spent a full year living in the same conditions as they would have on a Mars mission. The crew was composed of 3 men and 3 women (4 Americans, a German physicist and a French exobiologist).They ate dried food,  wore a space suit each time they wanted to get out of their dome to “explore”, had a 24 minute delay to all communications to the outside world  and were even given a 3D printer in case they didn’t have enough supplies.



That was it for this week! Hope you guys enjoyed it, and tell me if there is anything you would want me to change or to post about!


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