These are the 4 craziest molecules:

These are the 4 craziest molecules:

Hey TECHsters! When talking about dangerous molecules/substances most of us think of cyanide or sarin gas. Well these man-made substances listed down below are far more toxic, dangeous and crazy! So here we go:

 1. Chlorine Trifluoride:  (ClF3)

This lovely substance is thought to be the most dangerous fire in the world. Yes, you read it right, let me explain. Chlorine Trifluoride can reach temperatures exceeding 2400 °C  or about 4352 °F.  When a tank carrying – in 1960-  it spilled some (1 ton to be exact) on the ground, the concrete on the floor started burning to extreme temperatures eating the concrete and 1 meter of dirt under it. Lovely, right?

2. Fluoroantimonic acid: (SbHF)

Fluoroantimonic acid is the strongest acid known to this date. It belongs to the category of superacids. What is a superacid? It is a substance “with an acidity greater than that of 100% pure sulfuric acid”. This substance has a ph of -31. Pretty crazy right?  It is so acidic that if you were crazy enough to dip your hand in it you would not feel it burn, due to the speed at which your neural connexions would melt.

3. Dimethylcadmium (CH3-Cd-CH3)

This the most toxic poison, it is an oily, colourless and volatile liquid. Your body can absorb this poison very easily even if you are  not standing close to it.  To tell you how toxic it is, some millionth of a gram can send you to the hospital. The worst thing about it is that if you were to spill some of it on the ground, you would not be able to clean it up! In contact with water it explodes and if you rub it, it burns.

4. Octanitrocubane (C8(NO2)8)

Octanitrocubane is the most powerful explosive in the world. When an explosive explodes, with powerful cameras, we can observe their shock wave. When a firecracker explodes its shock wave travels at 400m/s  or 894 mph. When Octanitrocubane explodes its shock wave travels at a whooping 10100 m/s or 22593 mph. The only more powerful explosion is that of the atomic bomb (which is 10 times more powerful).

Thank you for reading, if you know another crazy substance comment it down below!



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