About my blog:

About my blog:

Hey guys, welcome to my blog! First things first, my name is Alexandre, I’m 16 and I am passionate about technology and science. On this blog I’ll be doing a weekly series named “Top Weekly Tech News” or “TWTN”(where I’ll be posting every Sunday) and in the same time if I find an interesting topic, I’ll write about it too. Don’t forget to leave any suggestions of things you would want me to change, and if you like any of my articles feel free to share them.  See you for my actual first article.



TWTN Week #5:

TWTN Week #5:

Hey Techsters and welcome back to another “Top Weekly Tech News” for the 5th week (technically the 6th but oh well). Here we go:

A YouTube video was uploaded on many youtuber’s accounts entitle “hello world..mov” where a man wearing a trollface mask was smack talking about them. Among them were Slogoman, Ali-A and Vikkstar123. The youtubers then got their accounts back and all posted a video trying to understand what the hacker was saying. Some say it is a campaign for WatchDogs 2 while others believe they actually got hacked.

This the guy on the uploaded video.

Remember the story of the “hissing” iPhone 7 from week 4? No? Well some users have been reporting a hissing noise coming from their smartphones when using some heavy  apps such as video-games. Anyway, recently 2 iPhone 7 plus batteries blew up but without fire appearantly and their owners affirmed they hadn’t been harmed. I think there is now more than ever a competition between Samsung and Apple of who is going to create the most “explosive” phone. Badum tss.


Facebook has recently launched a new version of Messenger called “Messenger Lite”. The concept is simple it is Messenger but only takes 10 Mb of phone storage. It is kind of a companion app to Facebook lite launched in 2015. A feature that Messenger Lite doesn’t have is phone calls but they are looking forward to adding it. The new app is going to be available in  Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Venezuela.


BlackBerry will no longer be creating its new phones. The old Smartphone leader, BlackBerry announced on wednesday 28th it would stop manufacturing its phones. It would instead manufacture them in Indonesia. BlackBerry only represents 0.1% of the total smartphone market. BlackBerry only won 52 million dollars in 2015.


Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX recently announced its plans for the conquest of the red plannet. Pretty crazy right? According to him the price to establish a colony on mars with our current technology is around 10 billion dollars per person. He says he could bring the cost down to 200,000 dollars per person by making some crucial technological improvements such as re-usable rockets which  is what his company has been heavily focusing on. He and his company also announced that their rockets would use a Raptor engine which is different in the way that they would equip 42 of them on their rockets and even if they would lose some the mission would be able to continue safely.


A new virus appeared on Facebook a couple of days ago. A video link is sent to you (« xic.graphics »)  by a user and a pop-up appears telling you you need to download an extension named Eko to view the content. If/when you download it the program uses your account to send the exact same link to other friends. If your pc was infected it is recommended to delete the extensio, run a full scan with your antivirus and change your Facebook password.


Everybody seems to like compying snapchat. After Instagram and Facebook, WhatsApp decided that in its latest version it would allow users to take flashing screen selfies, add text on a grey background to them and emojis  and even  let you draw “whatsappsterpieces” (btw that’s not the actual name but it sounds good) on your picture. Pretty cool right?


Thanks for taking time to read this article, I hope you enjoyed it, if you did feel free (as usual) to share it, like it and subscribe! Stay cool and see you next time!




TWTN Week #4:

TWTN Week #4:

Hey guys, we’re back for the 4th week of TWTN, I am really sorry that I wasn’t able to post content last week, I had a a ton of work and I hope it won’t happen again. Anyway here are your 7 piece of news for this 4th week:

Yahoo was recently hacked by “state-sponsored” hackers. It all happened in 2014 and was recently discovered when a hacker tried to sell data from 200 million accounts. The stolen data includes, emails, names, encrypted passwords but no credit card information says Yahoo. Yahoo also recommends its users to change their passwords if it has not been done since 2014. I just realized that there have been a lot of hacking news recently…


Remember that piece of news from week 2 about the Samsung note 7’s problem? Well on flight from Singapore to Chennai passengers reported smoke coming from one of the hand luggages. And you have probably guessed It by now, it was indeed a note 7. Passengers said that it was “spitting sparks”. The phone as doused with an extinguisher and put in water until the plane landed. IndiGo (the company) reported damaged property but thankfully no one was injured.

Note that this is not the actual picture

The iPhone 7 came out just days ago and users have been reporting hissing sounds from the processor. Some say that they can hear the hissing sound when playing games. It is not the first time that a newly released iPhone has been critisised for some malfunction. Remember the bendgate problem on the iPhone 6? Anyway let’s hope that the problem doesn’t get as serious as the note 7’s.


Ever heard of the abandoned Google Glass project? Well, Snapchat has announced their brand new product: Spectacles. It would let you shoot first person videos and take pictures by a simple touch on the glasses. “The camera built into Snapchat’s “Spectacles” lets you shoot video that shows the world from your point of view. » On one side of the glasses you will have the camera and on the other a circle lighting up to let people know when you are taking snaps.


About the Samsung galaxy note s7, (Again? Yes let me explain), Samsung asked those who bought it to return it so they could replace it. A lot of people did the right thing. Others, well, they chose to keep their phones at their own risks. What did Samsung do? Well they recommended the users to charge their phones up to 80% maximum to reduce the chances of destruction.


Angry birds recently released a  1h37 long movie based on the video game. Just like Rovio (The company that released Angry Birds), fruit ninja is going to release a movie. “It’ll revolve around “a team of misfits who are recruited to become Fruit Ninjas in order to save the world.””. Fruit ninja is the second most downloaded game on the app store, positioned righ after candy crush saga and was downloaded over one billion times.


China has recently started using its brand new telescope, FAST or Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope, measuring 500 meters in diameter, “took five years and $180 million to build, has 4,450 11-meter-long (36-foot) panels that reflect interplanetary radio waves to the massive 30-ton retina suspended in the middle.” It will be used to survey the galaxy and detect any form of extraterrestrial life.



TWTN Week #3:

TWTN Week #3:

Hey techsters ! Here’s your weekly dose of geek with this week’s top tech news. Here we go !

The #1 piece of news this week is obviously the Apple event (Apple Keynote). A lot of people were impatient for it, including myself. The new products announced in the conference were: A second generation of the Apple watch, including a model in partnership with Nike, iOS 10 which includes many new features such as a new design for the maps App, a changed version of Siri and a new app, “Home kit” which would allow you to control your hardware from your smartphone. Speaking of which, two new iPhones have been announced: the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus. They are said to be much more powerful thanks to their new A10 chip. The iPhone 7 has 2 cameras both of 12mp which would allow a better zooming experience and along with a better quality of picture.


Nasa will launch its next mission in may 2018. It was initially supposed to launch in December 2015 but due to technical problems (a vacuum leak) the expedition was postponed. Why is it only going to launch in 2018? Well, in order for the trip to be shorter we have to wait until the planets align which happens to occur every 26 months. What is this mission about? Well the rover (InSight, or Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations Geodesy and Heat Transport) is supposed to drill a 5 meters deep whole in order to analyse Mars’s subsurface region. Did I forget to mention that this delay added a whole 135 million dollar to the 675 million dollar mission? No? Well now you know.


The Antonov 225 holds the record for the largest plane ever built and flown (it was flown for the first time in 1988). And only one has ever been built, at least to this day because China plans on building their own model.  The plane will be built in Kiev and delivered to China by 2021 for a whopping 500 million dollar. We don’t know what China plans on delivering with this colossus but to put into perspective how big the plane is, it once carried 216,000 meals to American troops in the Persian Gulf.


Two men  “Andre Otto Bogs” and  “Justin Gray Liverman” were members of a group who called themselves “Crackas With Attitude”  and were arrested for hacking into Email accounts of the CIA’s director, the chief of National Intelligence and many others.   Court documents revealed that the hackers tricked technical support staff into giving them email accounts. Among the tricks they used were posing as ISP technicians to get passwords reset.  It was announced that the two men are going to face justice next week.


India announced it would allow people to store their driver’s license and other official paperwork on their smartphones. All they would have to do is to download digilocker, an indian app launched earlier this year, and register with the service. The advantage that the virtual copy of the driver’s license would have over the paper version is that the verification would be faster.  The police also announced it would cooperate and recognize the documents. Though it is an original idea, Indians are not the only ones to do it. In the U.S, Iowa is encouraging people to use a virtual copy of their drivers license too.


The ps4 pro was just announced. It is the new over-powered gaming console that will allow you to play your games at much better frame rates with improved graphics going up to the 4k resolution. All the regular ps4 games will be compatible with the pro version and there will be no exclusive ps4 pro games as the regular and the new version are parts of the same “family”. It’s expected prices is 399$.


Earlier this week a norwegian author posted a photo of a naked girl fleing a napalm attack during the Vietnam  war. When Facebook banned the picture for nudity a debate sparked over the social media and its “abuse of power”. The tech giant “listened to the community” admitted it had made a mistake and unbanned that historically important photograph. The Norwegian prime minister also welcomed Facebook’s decision after it saw its picture removed then unbanned.


Hope you guys enjoyed! If you did, as usual feel free to share, leave a like and/or comment! and see you next time for Week #4!

TWTN Week #2:

TWTN Week #2:

Hey Techsters! Welcome to another article of the TWTN series, here are the 7 tech news of this explosive week:

Who hasn’t heard of pokemon go? That game that made some 15 million gamers walk for real for the first time in ages, that game that generated massive mobs of people rushing at a certain location to catch a wild Snorlax. Well, Niantinc labs has recently announced a 2nd season for the game with the addition of 100 new pokemons and 10 new levels just for the hardcore gamers. Personally I’m level 8 and I just can’t find a way to get to level 9…


SpaceX rocket falcon 9 exploded some 3 days ago in Cape Canaveral destroying Facebook’s 95 million dollar Internet.org satellite which was on  board. Mark Zuckerberg replied “As I’m here in Africa, I’m deeply disappointed to hear that SpaceX’s launch failure destroyed our satellite that would have provided connectivity to so many entrepreneurs and everyone else across the continent. Fortunately, we have developed other technologies like Aquila that will connect people as well. We remain committed to our mission of connecting everyone, and we will keep working until everyone has the opportunities this satellite would have provided.”


Twitter took PewDiePie’s verification down due to “suspect relations” with ISIS after he posted a tweet showing a selfie  with as background terrorists. No need to say it was a joke. Why did he do it though? Well long story short, he got mad that anyone could get the verification on twitter.


Samsung announced at the IFA 2016 the release of the Gear S3 which comes in 3 different models: The Classic, and the frontier which itself comes in two different versions, an LTE connected model and a Bluetooth connection only model.  The watch offers 1 gb of ram and 4gb of rom, has a 400mAh Li-ion batter and its screen is IP68 dust and water resistant. The smartwatch’s price in the US is an estimated 499$.


Instagram is launching a new feature called “zoom” which would allow you to zoom (creep)  in or out on people’s pictures and videos. It is a pretty self-explanatory feature and it means that you will no longer need to take a screenshot of the picture. Although ths new feature was released some das ago on iOS, the company said that it would be available to android users in the coming weeks. A lot of Instagram users welcomed this new feature.


Samsung suspended their brand new product, the Samsung galaxy s7, in more than 10 countries including the United States due to batteries that exploded or caught fire.  Dongjin Koh, the new president of Samsung Mobile Business confirmed that there is a problem with their batteries and apologized. The manufacturer is going to replace ” in the next weeks ” the smartphone for those who have already bought it.


Publicly announced on October 29, 2013, the project Ara was initially supposed to lead to the creation of an entirely modular smartphone. Under the supervision of Google, Ara was supposed to prevent people from polluting by throwing away their outdated phone. With the Ara phone you would have been able to replace any old or malfunctioning part of your smartphone. Sadly project Ara was abandoned two days ago (September 2nd) but the company said it could license the technology to any third party manufacturer.


That was it for this week! Hope you guys enjoyed it, as usual feel free to leave a like, comment and share!


TWTN Week #1:

TWTN Week #1:

Hey Techsters, welcome to the first article of the TWTN series, here are the 7 tech news of this week:

First of we begin with a discovery by MIT researchers at a company named SolidEnergy. These MIT researchers have found a way to create lithium batteries that have twice the capacity of the current ones for a reduced size. Rumour has it that our smart-gadgets (Phones and tablets) could be using them by 2017.  On the image down below you can see SolidEnergy’s battery on the far right.




If you don’t live under a rock, you have probably heard of the NSA  and how they got hacked last week by some people named the “Shadow Brokers”. Oh and as if that wasn’t enough they also leaked some of their files online. To top it off, they also announced  that if they were paid 1 million dollars worth of bitcoins  they would leak some other files.



Android Nougat recently came out, for those who don’t know what it is, it is basically the name of the new Android OS that a lot of  brands equip their phones with such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG. Among others, some of the new features of Android Nougat are : Multi-window which allows you to be running two apps at the same time and to switch between them easily, redesigned notification alerts, customizable quick settings and blocking phone numbers from contacting you.



Another hack that made the buzz this week was the Apple Hack. How did it all start? Well, a well-known tech journalist, Steven Petrow,  got hacked while he was working, mid-flight- on an article about the battle between Apple and the FBI. When the plane landed, our journalist got up to disembark and one of the passengers start reciting one of the emails he had gotten.



If you like astronomy and astrophysics you have probably heard of the recently discovered Earth like planet that is just 4 light-years away from us. Named “Proxima b”, this exoplanet is located in the Alpha Centauri triple star system. Although its temperatures resemble (at certain parts of the planet)  ours, it is tidally locked, which means that one side is always facing the star while the other is deprived from it. More info here.



Nanorobots could help cure the brain, you heard it right, and what’s even cooler is that they would be mind-controlled. A team of researchers published an article about their work in the Journal Plos One . Using a technique known as DNA orgami they injected billions of nanorobots into cockroaches. More info on DNA orgami here. The Study’s co—author Sachar Arnon said that the technology will have to be refined in order for this to be applied on human.



Six volunteers of the NASA who lived on the Mauna Loa island in Hawaii under a dome returned to the “real world” after having spent a full year living in the same conditions as they would have on a Mars mission. The crew was composed of 3 men and 3 women (4 Americans, a German physicist and a French exobiologist).They ate dried food,  wore a space suit each time they wanted to get out of their dome to “explore”, had a 24 minute delay to all communications to the outside world  and were even given a 3D printer in case they didn’t have enough supplies.



That was it for this week! Hope you guys enjoyed it, and tell me if there is anything you would want me to change or to post about!

These are the 4 craziest molecules:

These are the 4 craziest molecules:

Hey TECHsters! When talking about dangerous molecules/substances most of us think of cyanide or sarin gas. Well these man-made substances listed down below are far more toxic, dangeous and crazy! So here we go:

 1. Chlorine Trifluoride:  (ClF3)

This lovely substance is thought to be the most dangerous fire in the world. Yes, you read it right, let me explain. Chlorine Trifluoride can reach temperatures exceeding 2400 °C  or about 4352 °F.  When a tank carrying – in 1960-  it spilled some (1 ton to be exact) on the ground, the concrete on the floor started burning to extreme temperatures eating the concrete and 1 meter of dirt under it. Lovely, right?

2. Fluoroantimonic acid: (SbHF)

Fluoroantimonic acid is the strongest acid known to this date. It belongs to the category of superacids. What is a superacid? It is a substance “with an acidity greater than that of 100% pure sulfuric acid”. This substance has a ph of -31. Pretty crazy right?  It is so acidic that if you were crazy enough to dip your hand in it you would not feel it burn, due to the speed at which your neural connexions would melt.

3. Dimethylcadmium (CH3-Cd-CH3)

This the most toxic poison, it is an oily, colourless and volatile liquid. Your body can absorb this poison very easily even if you are  not standing close to it.  To tell you how toxic it is, some millionth of a gram can send you to the hospital. The worst thing about it is that if you were to spill some of it on the ground, you would not be able to clean it up! In contact with water it explodes and if you rub it, it burns.

4. Octanitrocubane (C8(NO2)8)

Octanitrocubane is the most powerful explosive in the world. When an explosive explodes, with powerful cameras, we can observe their shock wave. When a firecracker explodes its shock wave travels at 400m/s  or 894 mph. When Octanitrocubane explodes its shock wave travels at a whooping 10100 m/s or 22593 mph. The only more powerful explosion is that of the atomic bomb (which is 10 times more powerful).

Thank you for reading, if you know another crazy substance comment it down below!